Complete Cleaning Services Reveals the Top 5 Window Cleaning Products in the UK

Complete Cleaning Services Ltd., a UK based, family owned window cleaning business in Exeter, has today revealed information on what they believe to be the best window cleaning products domestic users could purchase. They tested the products on a range of different issues in order to come up with their top 5.

UK based window cleaning business Complete Cleaning Services Ltd. has performed an extensive piece of research into the various window cleaning products available to domestic users around the country. They aimed to find the single best cleaner that people could purchase.

During their research, they looked at a variety of factors that would determine whether or not a product would actually be beneficial. What they found, however, was that it was impossible to actually name a single best product. This is because there were so many variables to work with, as well as having to take personal preference into consideration. As a result, they had to narrow their list down to a top 5, based on certain popular factors that most UK households are interested in.

The findings, recently revealed by Complete Cleaning Services, showed that:

1. The best product for a true streak free shine was Mr Muscle 5in1 Window & Glass Cleaner. This product was also named as best product by the Nielsen Household database. Two elements that made this product particularly popular were that it is based on vinegar and that it comes with a convenient trigger spray.

2. The best product for ease of use was House Mate Foaming Glass Cleaner. The can simply has to be shaken, after which the cleaner can be sprayed on the window before being wiped off. One of the reasons why this one made the top 5 is because it doesn’t drip. Furthermore, it is also highly effective on mirrors.

3. The best product for traditional company value was Good for Glass by Mangle and Wringer. This product came up on top because it uses a range of natural ingredients, including sunflower and coconut oil soap, infused with lemon oil. Furthermore, people appreciate the traditional history behind this product.

4. The best product for value turned out to be Sainsbury’s window cleaner, which is their own brand. Like Mr Muscle 5in1, the main ingredient in this product is vinegar, which makes it very effective. Most importantly, however, it is incredibly cheap.

5. The most ecologically friendly product was Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner. While a more expensive product, it is made from natural ingredients and is completely biodegradable. People are currently looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint and to be mindful of the planet, and this product ticked all those boxes.

Interestingly, through their research, Complete Cleaning Services noticed that most people look for very specific things, and much less so for the actual performance of the product. They had expected to simply create a list of products based on their efficacy, but issues such as ease of use, traditional values, cost and eco-friendliness were actually equally, if not more, important. “This piece of research really didn’t go the way we had expected it to”, says Paul Young from Complete Cleaning Services. “We thought it would be a straightforward piece of work, but it turned out to be far more complicated. Clearly, we hadn’t given the British public the credit it deserved for the things they are actually looking for. As such, while it took us much longer to complete the work than we had expected, we are so pleased that we did it and we are just as pleased with the results.”
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