Easy Ways To Make The Best Use Of Space In Your Smaller Home

A smaller home comes with its limitations. These are obviously the amount of room you have to manoeuvre and the space you have. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to be any less loved. Sometimes, if your home is feeling claustrophobic, it just takes some décor tips to open it right up. If you don’t have enough space, perhaps you need to redefine your storage. Or choose different equipment to do the same job as smaller bits. If you have a small home and you desperately want to love it, keep reading. These tips we’ve collected should help you.

Add dimension

With a small home, especially an apartment, you don’t have the luxury of adding space. A conversion or extension might not be in the books. So the key lies in illusions, in making things look bigger. How you do that depends on depth and natural light. One excellent way to do this in the home is make use of mirrors. Big mirrors add dimension to the home that in turn makes it look bigger. It won’t give you any more space but it can make you feel better about the space you have.

The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the more difficult rooms when it comes to having a small one. It’s easy for it to feel overwhelming, especially if you leave things lying about. Reduce clutter when you’re cooking and try keep things tidy as possible. Use smaller appliances like fans from Stove Fan Reviews & ONLINE SHOP or mini-fridges. Magnets can also be great replacement for knife blocks.

Add storage

The magnet is just one of the examples of how you really give yourself more space in the apartment. Or rather, how you learn to use more of the space you’re already using. Wall hooks and cork boards can be great places to put things and papers that normally go in drawers. Use the inside of cupboard and wardrobe doors by adding hooks that can hold more. There are lots of great storage tips, but be prepared to think outside the box a bit with them.

Bright it up

The one thing that people hate most about small homes is how light can seem to get lost in them. Maximise the amount of natural light that gets in the home by using sheer curtains or thin plastic blinds. Position your lighting above your main furniture so you rid your house with as much shadow as possible. Wood floors are reflective and tend to hold light much better than carpets, too.

Build it in

One more way to think about storage is how you actually store your furniture. When it comes to a smaller home, sometimes the best trick is to build it in. A lot of installers can build things like beds into your wall. If you don’t have the money, you can do it yourself. By making your home part of the furniture, it means you need less floor space to hold it all.
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