Tips and planning to preserve garden in winter

Winter is coming with all its comfort and cosiness of home and yet, it brings a great challenge with it. The moment blizzards and snowflakes touch garden, the beauty of summer comes to a halt. In order to preserve the beauty of garden, it requires little care and up keep. OECO Garden Rooms provide some nifty and helpful tips in order to maintain your garden.

Preservation of lawn

Winter is an ultimate time of the year for any new garden to be prepared. Cultivate the required area leaving some tuft of soil on the surface which will be broken by rime frost, making it a great base.

For existing gardens, grass cutting is required by one third. Summer is the time of growth and if the the size of grass is kept at medium by feeding it less then it will not become fragile and will outlive winter. Weeds and moss are also required to be kept under control and fallen leaves need to be scraped up regularly for a good access to sunlight.

Preservation of plants

Plants become inactive, with drop of temperature, which are not annihilated by frost. Dead stalk and leafage must be removed in order to prevent any disease to be spread to rest of the garden. Spread around fertilizer to insulate plants and soil so that they will be accustomed to new climate and keep the temperature even. Fallen leaves are also a good source of fertilizer.

Equipment maintenance

Gardening equipments which are seldom used during winter must be cleaned and lubricated with WD40 to avoid corrosion before storing, for instance, lawn edgers, shears etc. Lawnmower also needs to be serviced. Concerned practice includes emptying fuel tank, proper working of electricity lead, draining of all hoses to avoid freezing, wrapping and piping Hessian fabric, sharpen the blades and service engine.

Planning the future

Planning in good time is always fruitful. Therefore working needs to be done before the weather warms up. Following are some of our predictions:

Countryside view

The trend has been changing from traditional gardening to easy-going approach means less effort leading to lower level of maintenance. Producing abundance of colors and textures by planting low care shrubs, grass and perennials to have a beautiful natural landscapes.

Fruits in containers

Berry lovers can grow berries, such as strawberries. Blueberries and raspberries, in containers. It is easy to maintain and hassle free than maintaining large bushes. It can be placed anywhere in the garden as it is movable and it is an attractive way of involving whole family in gardening.

Growing herbs

Growing herbs at home give fresh flavor free from pesticides. It is the easiest plant to grow in pots either small or big and requires little tending. It can be grown in pots on window ledge or outside.


A new concept which is becoming popular is of Garden rooms. It is a cost saving approach by extending the living space without spending on constructing new or on converting a space. Garden Rooms have become multipurpose and can either be used for home offices, studio rooms, hobby rooms. They can be used all year round because they are protected from unpleasant influences.


Technology has become an important gadget in every field of life. Integration of technology into gardening has developed many different applications which are helping in maintaining a perfect garden. They provide great tips, a reminder to water the plants, a notification related to garden health, smart lights which turn on to create ambient environment etc. In a nut shell, advancement in technology leads to the advancement in health of gardens.
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