5 Common Pool Maintenance Problems and How to Overcome Them

Having a pool is fantastic, except for when it doesn’t seem to be working the way that it should be. Then, you may be in a position where it may be difficult to deal with it. That being said, there are a lot of things that you may have issues with. Blue Sparkle Pool Service in Las Vegas has put together this article to help you figure out the 5 most common pool issues and how to fix them yourself.

1. Algae seems to have overrun your pool. Algae is a common issue that happens to many pools. If the chlorine doesn’t seem to be high enough, then you will likely get that little bit of algae on there. Take some time to do a shock treatment to get it out of there and get the chlorine levels back to where they need to be.

2. Your pool water is a strange color, like brown or bright teal. If this is going on, then it means that there are likely some odd minerals in your pool. Iron and copper are usually the culprits, and they can get taken care of easily if you get the right things for your needs. Blue Pools Phoenix can help you to get the right tools for your needs and can give you some help with getting rid of the minerals for good.

3. Foggy water issues. Usually, this means that the pH level isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Most of the time, this will happen after a rain, which can really throw off the water levels and leave you unable to see the bottom. Consider getting a water testing kit for your pool and seeing what may be going on with it. Then, talk to a pool expert and see what the necessary adjustments may be. It can be a huge help and leave you with a clear pool once again.

4. Water leakage. Just because you are seeing a leak in your pool doesn’t mean that it needs to be completely replaced. Instead, you may want to call someone like Clear Blue Pool Builders in Dallas to take a look and see if they can make repairs first. It may be something as simple as a crack that can be filled in without any issues.

5. Stains on the sides. If you are starting to see stains on the side of your pool, it may be because of too much chlorine or too high pH levels. Either way, you want to take some time to test the water and see what is going on with it. Then, you can make the necessary adjustments and

Taking care of your pool can seem like a hassle, but there are a lot of ways to make the whole thing easier on yourself in the long run. Take some time to look into options for your issues and to find solutions that make sense for just what you need to do for your particular issue at hand.
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