10 Things you Need to Know About Welding

Welding is such an integral part of modern life, every vehicle you drive, every building you enter, every device you use, will have been put together by welding metals, and let’s not forget the millions of machines that incorporate this method of fusion. To become a competent welder takes many years of training, and armed with a sound knowledge base, lots of patience, and a whole lot of practice, the apprentice can finally carry out the work to the required standards. The average person knows little about this trade, apart from the fact that it involves heat, so for those who are interested, here are some of the things you never knew about welding.

1. There are Many Ways to Weld – Modern welding enables a range of methods, each with its own specific properties, and they include:
  • Gas welding
  • Arc welding
  • Flux cored welding
  • Metal cored welding
2. Welding Uses a Range of Energy Sources – A welder might use a gas flame, an electric arc, an electron beam, a laser, or even ultrasound. If you are in Western Australia, and are in need of some quality work, Diverse Welding in Perth are experienced in working with a range of industries.

3. Multi-Environments – Welding can be carried out underwater and in space, making it a very versatile form, and there are specialist companies that provide specific welding services for a range of industries.

4. Robots Can Weld – Automated welding is a major part of car manufacturing, and other industries also use machines that can weld to a higher level of precision than a human.

5. Glass Can Be Welded – Metal is not the only material that can be fused together by heat, glassblowing is a form of welding, as many of the products are several pieces welded together.

6. Plastic Welding
– Many types of plastics are seamed together by welding, namely thermoplastics, which have a much higher melting point than normal plastic. Welding is critical for many industries, and if you happened to need welding in Perth, or any other city, an online search will put you in touch with an established company in your area.

7. Welders Must Wear Protective Equipment – All forms of welding present a degree of risk for the welder, and the eyes must be protected from the harmful infrared that the bright light emits. Not only that, small particles of hot slag could fly into a person’s eye, so welding goggles or a mask is recommended.

8. Welders Must Know the Theory – A welder would need to have a sound understanding of physics and chemistry, and this is learned during the first year of apprenticeship. Typically, a welder undergoes four years of training, and may go on to learn more about one specific kind of welding.

9. Welders Use Solvents
– Sometimes when working with thermoplastics, the welder will use a solvent to fuse the two sections, rather than heat.

10. Welders are Highly Paid – If you are thinking of becoming a welder, it is a good career move, as the salaries are definitely in the upper bracket, and the more specialised the work, the higher the hourly rate.

Most people take welding for granted and think it is a job that anyone can do, when in fact, it is one of the most skilled trades, and with new technology surging ahead, the days of hand welding may be soon be behind us.
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