Biggest Senior Housing Design Draws

Are you in charge of a senior housing facility? Or, do you plan on starting up one of these communities in the near future? Or maybe you are simply looking for a place for you or a loved one to live in. If any of these reasons apply to you, then it would be a good idea to know what separates a good senior housing facility from a bad one. What are the biggest draws? What factors does a senior weigh when making their decision? Below are some of the biggest draws that senior living communities have - so whether you are looking to promote a facility that you run, or want to know what to keep in mind during your search, keep these items in mind.


First of all, the living area should have plenty of room. This goes for not only each senior's private areas, but for the communal areas as well. Seniors should have enough room to move around comfortably, and accommodate an assistant if need be. Places like bathrooms should be wide enough for two, and common areas need to be large enough that no one has to squeeze to get through. Hallways should be wide enough for those in wheelchairs to move around easily, as well as outdoor footpaths. People might get a little bit smaller as they get older, but that doesn't mean they need less room. No one likes to feel crowded or cramped, so a spacious living arrangement is a necessity.

Easy To Use

Daily tasks become a little bit more difficult as time goes by. Arthritis creeps in, walking becomes harder, and tasks we once thought as simple are no longer completed with ease. You want a senior living facility that recognizes this, and tries to accommodate for it. Things like high-up shelves, hard to turn doorknobs, or hard to read signs are all things that will make life a little more difficult for a senior. When planning out a senior living center, a good architect will think about the challenges seniors face in their daily tasks, and how to incorporate solutions into their plans.

Outdoor Amenities

A great senior living facility is more than the rooms. Seniors are eventually going to want to get outside, and having good outdoor amenities are essential towards the draw of any location. Nearby parks, shops and restaurants are all a plus, while on-site footpaths, outdoor lounges and recreation areas are also great. No one wants to be cooped up inside all the time, so seniors need to have a reason to go outside. When comparing two senior living centers against one another, pay close attention to the one that places an emphasis on the outdoor design and amenities.

On-Site Care

As we get older, the number of health problem we face increase. Seniors typically need more health care services nearby compared to the rest of us, therefore the best senior living facilities will reflect that. Not only should the accommodations have room for a live-in helper if needed, but medical services should be on-site as well. These services should also be more than emergency care, but also provide things like memory care units to help seniors with issues related to memory loss – such as dementia. Not only are seniors more likely to need medical care, but it is also harder for them to access it, so having it built into the same facility is a large advantage.

Only Choose The Best

There are plenty of senior living communities out there, but they are not all created equal. Whether you are looking to run one, or live in one, you want your senior living facility to be the best. You want a location that has anticipated the needs of seniors, and when it comes to design, the senior housing architect's design increases comfort and safety.

When comparing different senior living facilities, it is obvious which locations paid attention to their design. These locations will know what seniors are looking for, and will have implemented these needs into their designs from the beginning. Hopefully the above items will help you to figure out what makes a senior living center stand out above the rest, and will be able to make strong decisions going
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