Boost Employee Wellbeing With Outdoor Working

There is no better feeling than relaxing in the great outdoors, whether you live in a quiet suburban area or in the city, getting outdoors makes you feel great. If you have some outdoor living space and you’re not making the most of it then you are missing out on a great opportunity. If you have a tiny balcony, a roof space of a garden, or even an outdoor area at your business premises; there are lots of ways that you can easily add a bit of character and style to make your area somewhere that you love to kick back and relax.

Not only does being outdoors give you a vitamin D lift, you can enjoy scenic views or even dine outdoors to have a new experience. Now depending on what type of space you have, there will be various possibilities of changes that you can make. Of course you can tray and do the work yourself or if the job is a little larger you should call in a commercial landcape company like Schill Landscaping.

If you’re looking for ways to improve employee wellbeing and productivity, providing a comfortable outdoor space to work or take a break is a fantastic idea. Working outdoors is proven to boost productivity and happy employees are the best employees. Creating a space outdoors for people is not only going to make your existing employees happier to come to work each day, it will also be an attractive perk if you are looking to take on new staff.

You don’t have to spend an absolute fortune on transforming your space. Adding some furniture is all you need to get started. Decking can be installed at very reasonable prices and adding some plants and trees can make a huge difference. Your staff will soon feel rejuvenated and more motivated by their new outdoor freedom and this could turn to increased creativity, that great idea that you’re waiting for could be about to emerge. If you’re not really a believer in this type of psychological impact then that’s okay but research does show that working outdoors stimulates all kinds of productive effects.

A roof space that isn’t being used can soon become an area where colleagues bond at break time, a slab of concrete can become a picturesque landscape. If you start thinking about the art of the possible, there is no limit to what you can achieve through transforming your outdoor space.

If you have smokers at your company, they probably spend a fair bit of time going on a cigarette break but if they are already working outdoors, going to the smoking area won’t take up anywhere near as much time. Hopefully they will feel so happy in their new environment that they may be able to hold off that urge for a cigarette a little bit better.

Whatever you do with that outdoor space, you’re on to a winner when it comes to your employee happiness so it is a great investment.
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