The Energy Efficient Windows Kitchener Builders Love

It's not only LEED building projects that use energy efficient windows and doors; builders use energy efficient construction materials on any number of projects to help homeowners lower their costs and improve the comfort of their home. In Kitchener, Ontario, local builders turn to local manufacturers using made-in-Kitchener windows and doors. Energy efficient windows offer a multitude of benefits including:
  • long-lasting, durable design that doesn't require frequent repair or replacement
  • improved energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design
  • no maintenance required
  • design flexibility with a variety of styles and materials
  • added home value when reselling

There are plenty of window and door manufacturers who make their products in Southern Ontario, but companies like Kitchener’s Golden Windows make Energy Star-approved windows and are certified with the ISO for their quality control procedures. When you’re buying energy efficient housing materials, all you need to know is that the product has the Energy Star sticker – Energy Star is a program run in cooperation with the government of Canada that regulates the performance standards of products with its sticker. When it comes to windows, different climates have different performance requirements to match, but anything made locally for the Southwestern Ontario market should be made for the area’s snowy winters and hot summers. Besides supporting the local economy, the advantage of going with a Kitchener based window company is that you can visit their showrooms or work with them to build windows and doors to your specifications.

According to House Logic, homeowners replacing older windows with at least average-quality energy efficient vinyl windows will net an 80 percent return on investment, making it a popular renovation choice. As a homebuilder or renovator, you want to work with a company that can provide your client with cost savings or add to the appeal of the house.

Immediate Benefits

Today's eco-designs use a variety of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, and wood, to craft functional windows with stylish form. Window designs from Golden Windows, for example, include a variety of grille patterns and colours, allowing builders and renovators to match any interior or exterior design. Properly installed energy efficient windows also offer savings to the homeowner over the long-term, including:

  • lower heat and air conditioning costs, even during peak load times
  • improvements in comfort such as blocking drafts and filtering hot sunlight
  • condensation reduction
  • increased light in the home

· reduced fading of fabric materials including carpet, artwork, paper, and wood by reducing the type and intensity of radiation entering the home via sunlight.


Ideally, you'll find a design you love by a manufacturer who can also install their own windows; this enhances the quality of installation since the manufacturer trains its employees on the specific nature and design of the products. A manufacturer that serves local community needs and works with builders to perfect the installation provides homeowners with better customer service and performance.

Energy efficient windows are a great choice for your home or business and when you're ready to build or remodel, just look for made in Kitchener windows and doors. You'll know you're supporting a local business, finding the right design for your new home or remodeling project, saving yourself money over the long-term, and benefitting Ontario's economy.
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