Welding Curtains and Other Safety Gear You'll Need for a Home Construction Project

One of the problems that DIYers have at home is not having to hand the safety gear they need to do jobs safely. Whether you’ve had tons of experience welding or this is your very first go at it, you just may be one of the many who simply forget to use important items as welding curtains and an assortment of much needed safety gear. If you are going to do a home construction project, here are a few tips to keep you safe while you complete your project.

Welding Curtains

You might be thinking that you’ll be working alone and at no risk to anyone around you, but can you guarantee that no one will enter into your garage or shop you’ve set up in an outbuilding? Can you guarantee that sparks won’t fly about igniting anything nearby? Of course you can’t, and this is the main reason why you should buy welding curtain screens when doing a bit of DIY welding for a home construction project.


Auto darkening Welding Helmets with a grinding facility serve multiple purposes. Masks protect the sensitive skin on your face from radiation burns, and head from flying sparks, and most importantly, offer protection for your eyes from those ultra-bright lights emitted during welding. Make sure your helmet also has a grinding mode, this stops you from having change your head top when switching between grinding & welding.

Clothing and Gloves

As for welders clothing and gloves, this are protective gear that protects your body and hands in much the same way as a helmet protects your head. Sparks and very red-hot metal can easily touch your skin, giving you third degree burns in an instant. While it does get hot with all this safety gear on, it’s better to be sweaty-hot than sustain painful skin damage. Make sure you procure a quality pair of welding gauntlets, some leather welding sleeves and a jacket & apron.

Grounding Clamps

When working with electric welders, you will want to use grounding clamps. Actually, any time you are working with bare metal it should be well earthed. Why? Because all it takes is one bare wire and you could be fried to a crisp. Remember, in the absence of an earth clamp you become the ground wire and all that electricity coursing through your body is simply not healthy! Do you know how many home hobbyists get electrocuted each and every year? Even one is too many, so don’t become a statistic. If you are working with metal, keep it well grounded.

There are just a few of the types of safety gear you are likely to need when starting a home welding project. Most likely you will be renting your equipment anyway, if you are not using the equipment you use on the job as a welder, so check your local supply store to make sure you are well protected before you strike that first arc with a welder. If not, you might not live to regret it.
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