Exploring The Different Types Of Floor Coverings

Many homeowners will one day decide to upgrade their flooring. This will be a major home improvement project that requires removing the old flooring and installing a new floor covering. One of the first steps that will need to taken is shopping for a new floor covering, with so many options on the market, you will have difficulty selecting just one. Below, you will discover more information about the available floor coverings on the market.


Many people prefer carpet to the other options, because it provides underfoot comfort, warmth and gives the room a homey appeal. There are various types of carpeting available, including woven, needle felt, knotted and tufted. Woven carpet pile can either be Berber or plush, with plush being the most popular. Carpet is extremely easy to install and when it needs to be replaced, the process will be much easier than removing any other type of floor covering.

Senior citizens and parents will often choose carpet, because it provides a comfortable place for children to play, along with a non-skid flooring surface. With carpet, you never have to worry about wearing house shoes or non-skid stockings. In fact, you can walk barefooted all throughout every room that is installed with carpet.


Laminate flooring is also another popular option, with the ability to withstand the test of time. Laminate is available in many different patterns and can be nailed down or glued to the under floor. If it is nailed down, it will be much easier to remove, since the glue will create a tight seal, which is impossible to remove until you are willing to scrap it up.

Laminate is designed with 4 to 5 layers of materials. The bottom layer may or may not be embedded into the laminate and if it isn’t, you will need to place a separate underlayment down, before the laminate flooring can be installed. The top layer is a transparent protective covering that can resist damage, caused by animal claws, high heels, moving furniture and children’s toys.

The second layer is actually the decorative layer that gives the flooring a high definition. The highly detailed image embedded into this layer is what gives the laminate its eye appeal. An innovative technology is utilized to create the image and pattern of the design, which replicates hardwood, stone or marble.

The third layer is the core, which is constructed from high-density fiberboard. This layer is impact resistance and will offer an extended lifespan. The fourth layer is comprised of melamine resin, which is extremely durable, with a moisture resistance protection. Many people will choose laminate over hardwood, because it is cheaper than hardwood and much easier to install.


When most people think of tile, they automatically think of a bathroom floor or wall covering. However, tile is much more than that, because it can be installed throughout an entire home. Tile is extremely durable and available in unlimited colors, patterns, styles and sizes. There are basically two common types of tile, including porcelain and ceramic. These are the most affordable and if properly installed with offer an extended lifespan.

Many people shy away from tile, because it does not offer underfoot comfort or warmth. However, you can always add a throw rug in areas, where your family tends to spend the majority of their time.

Tile is extremely easy to install, but it does require a lot of preparation, which is why many people hire a professional to oversee the project. If the tile is installed properly, it will require very little maintenance, requiring only a routine cleaning with soap and warm water.


Vinyl flooring is extremely popular, because it is available in an unlimited array of designs and patterns. In fact, you can find vinyl that replicates rock, stone, wood and tile. If you are living on a budget, vinyl is a great option for you. Ten years ago, vinyl had a bad reputation, with limited designs and patterns, but manufacturers found new ways to make the vinyl more durable and added unlimited design options.

Vinyl is available in varying thickness, including 6 MIL, 20 MIL, 28 MIL and many more. If you are looking for a thick vinyl that will last for many years, you will definitely find it among these options.
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