House Cleaning - Fun with Tools

House cleaning is never a fun task as it involves physical stress. For some it becomes a daunting job as it involves lot of organizing things, dusting, cleaning the carpets and many more. Out of which the tuff part is to clean the carpets and the hard floors. Well in the current generation it makes little easier to clean the carpets and the hard floors as we have gadgets to clean them. All one has to do is to choose the right cleaning tools. For hard and carpeted floors, most of them usually prefer to do cleaning using the vacuum cleaners.

How does this work?

The type of cleaner depends on the purpose of cleaning. As these tools run by motors, and become noisy while operating and the decibel level of noise depend on the type of cleaner from the manufacturers. Shark is one of the competitive manufacturers. The various types available in the market by Shark are Upright, Canister, Stick, Handheld, and Robotic. Now the question comes which one is suitable for your house? The major differences between all the above listed vacuum cleaners are as follows:

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

  • Upright type cleaners are considered to be powerful and easy to use back and forth on the hard floor and as well as on carpets. This has a tilt and can clean deep cleaning of the carpets even under the furniture. These can easily remove the heavy dirt and comes with variety of attachments that to be used for other cleaning purposes. Sometimes it might be heavy to use back and forth.
  • Canister type has a big tank with an extension pipe and a brush attached to the long hose that makes flexible to clean the corners of the house. The disadvantage of this type is to drag the heavy big tank all the time while in operation.
  • Stick type cleaners are generally sleek, lightweight, easy to use, and generally used to clean light rugs and floors. Due to its lightweight, it is less powerful and not preferred for deep cleaning.
  • Handheld vacuums are small, handy to use and generally designed to clean the surfaces that do not require deep cleaning, such as car seats, furniture, curtains, and many more. This works similar to a hand duster.
  • Robotic cleaners are currently attention seekers, as they do not require anyone to monitor or guide and can reach and clean even under the furniture. Per surveys, these are preferred when deep cleaning is not required. Although, these type of cleaners have obstacle sensors, but do not actually remove all the obstacles. These cleaners are considered noiseless while operating.
All the above cleaners are available in both cord and cordless, dust collection bags and bagless models except the robotic as its function is mainly cordless. All the above cleaners also have an option for the dust collection to be either bagged or bag less. It totally depends on the user what to choose. Per surveys these cleaners have gained trust and have been highly ranked.
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