10 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Garden

When we move to a new home, we tend to spend a lot of time and money getting things just right, making sure it’s safe and secure and that the décor reflects our personality. The garden is very much a part of this. Our gardens are a place we can relax, play and entertain, so we often put a lot of work into them. Then, over the years other rooms get repainted or redesigned but the garden gets neglected. If your garden is starting to look tired and dull, here are 10 great ways to refresh it and give it new life.

1. Change Your Fencing

Fencing is a big part of the garden and one of the first things people see. If yours are looking old and dated, it’s time to replace them. Fencing comes in many different colours and styles so look to Oakdale fencing garden fence panels for the best options.

2. Add a Water Feature

Water features come in a huge variety of styles. You could have a large pond if you’ve got the space or just a small fountain or feature pool. Many people find the sound of gently running water exceptionally relaxing.

3. Change Your Flower Beds

Changing your flower beds is an easy way to brighten up your garden. Make them bigger or smaller, and get stuck into some gardening. Bright flowers with their own gentle aroma can be both refreshing and calming. 

4. Add a Path

Adding a path to your garden is a great way of dividing the space. A path can help to create clear zones in the garden and is especially useful if you are working with a large area.

5. Add a Play Zone

If you have children or grandchildren, a play zone could be a valuable addition to your garden. It can be an area for the children to play and grow their own plants while keeping the rest of your garden safe.

6. Create a Dining Area

You probably eat in your garden occasionally or even have a barbeque. Creating a designated dining area will encourage you to do it more often. All it takes is clean decking or a patio with some comfortable furniture.

7. Add Colour

Colour outdoors shouldn’t be restricted to plants. You could paint your fences or dividers different colours and invest in more colourful furniture.

8. Add Interesting Planters

Anything you can hollow out or add a pot to can be used as a planter. Some great ideas include old toys and toolboxes. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration if you want to create some fun planters yourself. 

9. Look after Your Grass

Grass goes through a lot. From weather damage to being constantly walked upon. Spend time looking after it. Mow it regularly and feed it at least once a week through the summer months to keep it looking its best.

10. Update Your Furniture

Like grass, outdoor furniture goes through a lot. If yours is starting to age either replace it or spend some time cleaning it up and repainting or varnishing. Outdoor furniture is generally built to last so it may just need some TLC.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Having a garden which looks good will help you to do this more often, especially in the warmer months.
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