6 Ways to Save Money & Stay Cool

Staying cool in the summer can be challenging when you’re on a budget. The same air conditioner that keeps you cool also raises the cost of your electric bill. Yet, there are ways you can save money and stay cool this summer, including using your air conditioner.

Air Conditioners

An efficient air conditioner can keep you cool during the hottest part of summer. Clean your filters at least once each season for efficient air flow. Don't forget to seal extra spaces between the unit and window to prevent cool air from escaping.

Do you have a whole house air conditioning unit? Regular maintenance ensures it operates with the greatest efficiency. Not only does maintenance keep your house comfortable, it can detect problems early on, according to the experts from Zipf-Air. Clean all ducts and vents to further maximize air flow.

On milder days, consider other methods of cooling your home. Why run the air conditioner if a whole house fan will do the trick?

Whole House Fans

A whole house fan is a perfect cooling solution on mild summer days. Install a whole house fan in your attic and open the windows on your main floor. This encourages cooler air to circulate throughout your house.

The fan exhausts warmer inside air into your attic. From there, your attic ventilation system pushes it back outside. But, you must have adequate attic ventilation and ample open windows for this to be effective and for your own safety.

Too little attic ventilation could cause the fan to overheat. Too few open windows could cause a buildup of carbon monoxide.

Likewise, it's irrelevant to pair a whole house fan and window fans. The air flow from window fans will be insignificant.


Although window fans may not pair well with a whole house fan, they are great on cooler days. There are two ways to cool your home with window fans:

● Intake
● Exhaust

If the outside air is cooler than the inside air, face your fans to blow cooler air into your home. If the opposite is true, reverse your fan to blow warmer, inside air back outside.

Pairing fans with window treatments can provide an added benefit. The right window treatments can deflect the sun's heat and help cool your home. But, which window treatment is right for you?

Window Treatments

To get the most from drapes, choose a medium-colored drape with a white, plastic backing. These provide a great all-season solution. The white backing deflects the sun, while the fabric prevents heat loss in winter.

Attractive dual shades offer an alternative to drapes. The dual design is like having two shades rolled into one window treatment. You can lower or raise each shade independent from the other based on your needs.

● A solar shade to deflect sun glare
● A privacy shade for night

Dual shades will help keep you cool but consider your indoor activities as well. Mealtimes can be a challenge because, let's face it, the stove or oven adds unwanted heat to your home.


Using your stove or oven can make your air conditioner run longer and raise energy costs. This makes it harder to stay cool in the sweltering heat. So, why do it? Instead of cooking inside, fire up the grill and keep the heat where it belongs: outside.

While you're outside, look around your property. Cooking outdoors isn't the only non-traditional way to stay cool. Proper shade is a great, long-term solution to lowering temperatures indoors.


We don't always think of landscaping as a way to cool the inside of our homes, but there is a lot to gain from the green stuff. Your home absorbs solar heat through your windows and roof. This contributes to your cooling costs.

Plant a tree or shrub near your east-west windows. The shade will keep your home cooler and reduce energy costs during summer.

Saving money on cooling your home doesn’t need to be a hassle. Regardless of which cooling methods you use, there are plenty of ways to stay cool during summer.
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