It’s Time to Give Back: Church Remodeling Ideas to Try

We’ve talked about plenty of remodeling and interior design ideas over the years, but we seldom cover ideas and tricks for remodeling public facilities. In reality, the parks near our home and the church we visit every Sunday play an equally important role in setting the ambiance and feel of the entire community.

A church remodeling project can be something fun to share with the community. On top of that, you don’t need to stage a complicated project to turn a simple, modest church into a beautiful one. Here are some of the remodeling ideas you can try right away.

A Library Corner

One of the best projects to try if you want to add new things to the community church is adding a reading corner or a library. This is a relatively easy project, to begin with, especially if the church building already has enough space to accommodate an extra reading corner. All you need is a set of shelves and some comfortable seats.

Try to stick to simpler design lines and elements so that the reading corner blends nicely with the church’s interior. DIY ideas work really well too. Rain gutter bookshelves arranged neatly in one corner of the church is a great idea.

The entire community can then contribute books for visitors to read. Divide books into sections based on topics and other criteria. Make sure there is enough seating for children too since they’ll be the ones spending the most time in the reading corner.

Better Seating

Another great remodeling idea to try is adding better seating to the church. Older churches usually have wooden chairs for visitors. Replacing these chairs with a more modern and comfortable seating can be beneficial to the church and its visitors. Not only will you feel more comfortable during worships you can also increase the church’s capacity through a better seating arrangement.

A lot of products on the market are specifically designed for this particular purpose. The Seating Concepts fixed church seating, for example, is designed to be both comfortable and space-efficient. The seats are easy to install and come with proper padding for maximum comfort. You can also choose the color scheme depending on the interior of the church.

More Natural Light

Last, but certainly not least, we have the need for natural light. Most churches – especially older ones – rely on natural light as the main source of lighting. Why not try adding bigger, more open windows?

This is a slightly bigger remodeling project to take on, but the result is definitely worth pursuing. The main worship room of the church can be made a lot brighter and warmer just by adding a couple of large windows to each side of the church. Ceiling windows are also great alternatives to look into.

Of course, these are just some remodeling ideas to try if you want to give back to the community. Church remodeling has the ability to transform an old local church into the centerpiece of the entire community.
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