Reasons to choose Hape Toys

Toys are extremely important in helping kids develop in their early stages. They contribute towards not just physical but mental development as well. There are many toys out there in the market but it is important to choose the best most beneficial ones for your child and also the ones that are safe and are of good quality. Parents face a hard time finding the best brand to get toys for their kids. This is where Hape Toys

comes in. The German company is one of the largest producers of toys worldwide and the reason for the company’s success and what sets it apart from the rest is the fact that their toys are made from sustainable products. Hape toys are popular all around the world and have won many awards. There are all sorts of toys from fun ones to educational ones as well. The variety of the brand is amazing and provides the parents with ease of choosing from one place. They don’t have to go to several places to find toys for their babies. Parents have had positive reviews about these toys saying that they lasted long and entertained and educated the kids as well.

Hape Toys are the best most thoughtful toys out there. There are age appropriate toys for all children and you can find these Hape toys online

easily. They provide entertainment as well as a learning platform for children. These toys have the best quality that you could find out there. The toys are lightweight so that the children can play with them easily and also allowing them to be safe, and they are durable at the same time. These toys won’t betray you like the normal ones you find. They are set to last you for a long time and the benefits offset the price easily. Hape toys are not only good for your children but for the environment too. In a world where companies do not focus on the environment, Hape Toys sets out to be different from the rest in this regard. The company makes sure that all their processes that make use of bi-products cause minimal harm to the environment. Even the packaging is done in a way to minimize the environmental impact caused by it. The brand has gone an extra mile and installed a water purification system which cleanses the water and gives it back to the environment. The company focuses a lot on the safety of the toys. The toys meet the safety standards that have been set and have been certified. Hape Toys has a testing lab where all the toys are tested before being packaged.

Popular Hape Toys

Hape toys are extremely popular but there are some that stand out more than the rest. These are some of the Hape Toys that parents have raved about.

Hape Magnetic Vehicles Play Board Set

This magnetic vehicles play board set is great for toddlers. This set has a magnetic play board with magnetic vehicles that children can stick onto it. The board can easily fit into the baby’s lap and is extremely convenient and easy to carry around with the handle that it comes with. This play board is great for using while you’re travelling. Toddlers tend to get quite bored sitting in the car doing nothing and they get irritated in the process. This set gives them the perfect opportunity to have fun. Owing to the size of the set it can easily be taken in the car. The set is also great for the times when you want your child to stay quite. For instance you’re at the doctors and are sitting in the waiting room and don’t want your little one crying and disturbing other people. This toy will keep the baby busy and is also a no fuss toy which doesn’t make the baby noisy. The quality of this board is amazing. The magnets stick very well to the board unlike other magnetic sets out there and allow the child to be creative.

Geometrics House

The geometric houses are great for children aged 3 years and above. It comes under the category of role play toys as it allows the child to build a dollhouse. The geometric house is a complete set with furniture and family included which lets the child learn about family and also about what each type of furniture is. The toy is a great way to make your child learn about different shapes, and help develop his/her mental skills in the process of building the house and figuring out which part goes where. The house has been tested for all kinds of safety hazards. It has gone through a sharp point test which ensures that there is no object that will be sharp. It has also undertaken the small parts test which makes sure that there is no part that can be swallowed by the kids. The house and all the blocks it comes with is made of great quality making sure that it lasts you a long time. The objects included are all light weight so that the kids can pick them up easily and they pose no harm to them. Even the paint used is of good quality and is safe keeping in mind that children of this age like to put everything in their mouth.

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