What’s the Difference Between a Rain Shower Head and a Regular Shower?

When you are refurbishing your bathroom you will probably come across the rain shower. A rain shower is a different type of shower which is proving highly popular. It has a distinctive look and many benefits over a regular shower head. If you are trying to decide between a rain shower and a regular shower, take a look at what makes a rain shower different, and why you should consider purchasing one.

Rain Showers and Regular Showers

A rain shower head is a luxurious alternative to the regular type of shower that you often see in bathrooms. The rain shower normally hangs overhead so the water is falling directly down, and they are designed to mimic actually standing in a rain shower. Here are a few of the other differences.

Size of the Shower Head

Shower Cubicles with rain showers have larger shower heads than normal. They tend to be wider than a regular shower as they are designed to hang overhead and produce a less concentrated spray. You get a softer experience of the water and since you need the shower to cover more of your body it is larger than normal. Because the shower is wider you will need to ensure you have enough space in the shower cabin or the bathtub. You don’t want to flood the bathroom by having the shower head spraying water over the sides of the bath.

Position of the Shower Head

A rain shower is designed to be hung from the ceiling facing straight down, so you need to have the means of fixing the shower head to this position. You need to ensure you have adequate room beneath the shower head to be comfortable.

Rain Shower Water Pressure

Water pressure is an important consideration to make when choosing a rain shower over a regular shower. Rain showers tend to let the water out at a less intense pace than a regular shower so it is certainly not a power shower experience that you will be getting. But the pressure should be sufficient to feel clean and fresh. It’s a nice feeling to be able to relax under soft water. Many rain showers are installed in steam shower cubicles so you can alternate between having a rain shower and using the cubicle as a steam room.

Price of Rain Showers

Rain showers tend to be more expensive than regular showers. But there are a variety of options available which will suit different budgets, so you should be able to find something you can afford. Many people find that the extra investment is worth it when they get the shower benefits.
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