Rent Both Truck and Driver For Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moving is inherently costly, risky, and stressful. Isn’t it? But even if so, what is the best way to minimize these negative factors?

While we can’t promise a one size fits all solution to a problem as diverse as interstate and long distance relocations, there are a number of reasons why you are better off renting both truck and driver (with gas usage included in the price) instead of just renting a traditional moving truck.

Here are the most important factors to consider:

Using Professional Truck Drivers Is Safer and More Efficient

Unless the LA Times’ report on robotic truck drivers being set to populate our nation’s highways is true, you must choose between driving a rental truck and paying a professional truck driver to transport your possessions cross-country. Which is the better choice?

Consider that a professional truck driver does interstate driving on a regular basis, is fully familiar with the feel or operating a “big rig,” and is not nearly as likely to get lost or take a wrong turn as a non-professional. It’s clear where the advantage lies as to safety and time/fuel efficiency.

Self-Moving Is Affordable and Cheaper Than Full-Service Moving

Moving truck rental may cost you only a hundred dollars or so, but then you have to factor in gas usage and a usage fee of, perhaps, around a dollar per mile. That could be $500, $1,000, or more of additional expense on a cross-country move.

You might still rent a truck cheaper than hiring one, but consider the bigger picture. With “self-moving,” you pack and load your property on your own and save big compared to full-service moving. Renting long distance moving trucks, driver and gas inclusive, gets you more “bang for your buck” than truck-only rental. And prices can be comparable or even less.

Self-Moving Is Easy to Coordinate Logistically

If you have to rent a truck and then take a week or more to load it, you could be paying $2,000 or more with no real extra value added. And full-service moves cost the most and may require you to bend to the movers’ busy schedules during peak moving seasons.

A better option is to schedule your driver-and-truck enough ahead of time to ensure you can pack and organize volunteer loaders (friends and family!) before the truck arrives. You can pack and load everything according to your own preferences without having to repeat every thought to a hired mover.

Then, the professional trucker handles all of the highway logistics, any special issues with moving internationally or to/from a military base, and everything else. With some companies, like MovingPlace for example, you can even arrange to have your car moved by truck to avoid the long, unfamiliar drive.

What do you do after the truck pulls away? Just get to your new home ahead of it and relax a little while before unloading.


Avoiding the two extremes of full-service moving and truck-only rental, self-service moving gives you the important advantages of having a professional driver transport your valuables. And overall, it saves you money.
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