3 reasons why you need to renovate your home

To renovate, or not to renovate? Property’s a hot topic in Melbourne and many home owners avoid upgrading to a new premises due to the rising cost of housing, or are looking to increase equity in their existing abodes. If that’s not justification enough, here are a few more reasons why you may need to renovate asap.

1. It smells

Sadly, it’s not that uncommon. Older houses are more likely to suffer from structural issues such foundation degradation or the presence of damp. However, modern home builders in Melbourne and across the country of newer properties may also experience similar issues, due to build quality or severe weather events that damage a property and lead to unsavoury smells.

Mould, mildew, humidity, and even dry rot may not cause highly offensive odours, but over time their pungency becomes more noticeable and ranges from a musty or oddly sweet smell, to a more noticeable, decomposing pong. The presence of critters who live, or have even died in the walls and roof will also make themselves known via smell as well as issues with sewerage disposal. Even the lingering smell of cooking can be overpowering if kitchen ventilation is inadequate.

Here, renovations should address poor air circulation as well as seal any open areas like cracks, holes or shifting of the house that has allowed these issues to occur. While you’re there, take a peek at your insulation and check the wiring.

2. It’s dated

Melbourne home designs vary across suburbs from the inner city workers’ cottages and California bungalows to the iconic weatherboards and rendered art deco beauties, yet over time façades and interiors age and become in need of TLC.

Tastes in décor change and technology evolves, so even restoration renovations will incorporate improved electricity supply, contemporary heating and cooling options, internet and other cabling, as well as building materials that are manufactured via modern methods.

Classic house styles will typically have a longer life in the design world, but they will also benefit from updates to colour palettes, upgrades to new appliances and the rejuvenation of skirting boards, carpets, floorboards and awnings.

3. It’s no longer suitable

Although it may still be perfectly habitable, if your lifestyle has changed you may find your once appropriate home is now not quite the haven it once was.

Having children can alter the suitability of previously adequate space, and prompt you to undertake purpose built renovations. In kitchens, older style ovens with hot glass at crouching height are often first to go, as well as easy-to-slam cupboards that trap small fingers.

Similarly, as people age or face injury or illness, renovations may also become imperative to ensure the safety of a home’s occupants. As a priority, the bathroom is often reconfigured by removing bath tubs and installing non-slip surfaces and safety rails where necessary. Likewise, it’s common for stairs and labour intensive landscaping to be modified in order to reduce the need to hire outside help to provide personal care or garden maintenance.
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